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City bus route in Kota Kinabalu

  • 2017-04-05

Kota Kinabalu City Bus Route

Sector 1

  • Route A
    Route A starts at Wawasan Bus Terminal, travels along the waterfront all the way to Jesselton Point. It then turns along Tunku Abdul Rahman street on the other side of town and heads back to Wawasan Bus Terminal.
  • Route B
    This route starts off in direction Api Api, goes past Centre Point and turns around at Wisma Merdeka. It then travels back past Wisma Wawasan, before making a u-turn at the Police HQ in Karamunsing and ending up back at Wawasan Bus Terminal.

Sector 2

  • Route A
    This route starts at Wawasan Bus Terminal and goes via Bejaya Palace Hotel to the Sabah Trade Centre. It then returns via the KK Bypass to end up once more at Wawasan Bus Terminal.
  • Route B
    Similar to Route A, return at roundabout near Police Station of Traffic.