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Mantanani Island Luxury Express Ship


  • Luxury air-conditioned ship
  • Depart from Jesselton Point jetty
  • Not affected by weather
  • Fast, safe​, convenience


Return air-conditioner boat transfer (economy seat), jetty fee, tour guide, lunch * 1, entertainment onboard, snorkeling equipment.


Price List

Number of Adult
Rate /pax (MYR)

FREE snorkeling package (worth MYR 50) during promotion period.
Package included snorkeling gear, guided boat snorkeling, unlimited buffet lunch.

Travel period: now till 31 Dec 2019  



Visitors don't have to take bus and boat rides to Mantanani Island anymore! We bring new experience to visitors with our large-scale advanced high-speed luxury boat.

This express boat has a full speed of 32 knots and will not affected by bad weather. A wide range of beverages, local products and souvenirs are available to purchase on board.

We care on your safety, personal transportation insurance is included.


Boat Facts

28 - 32 knots
Year of built
45m × 7m​
285 pax
Business, First, Economy


Price table

Economy Class First Class Business Class
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
270 210 310 280 350 310


Terms and Conditions

  1. Booking info
    All passengers must provide full information including full name according to his/her National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or Passport, and identity card number or valid passport number. We shall not be responsible for any potential implications arose from any incorrect or untrue information given to us.
  2. A warm reminder
    Cabin air conditioning is to be maintained operation at a temperature below 16 degrees at all times.
  3. Boarding time
    All passengers must be responsible for arranging their arrival to board cruise thirty (30) minutes before departure time. Tickets for late boarding are to be considered void and non-refundable.
  4. Noise, vibration and odour
    While the Operators take reasonable steps to minimise noise, vibration and odours on the cruise vessels, you acknowledge and accept that some noise, vibration and intermittent odours may be experienced on vessel, and that We accept no responsibility, and will not be liable to You in relation to any such noise, vibration or odour.
  5. All-inclusive beverages
    (i) We offer all passengers on-board with a free meal, however, juices and alcohol are available for a fee. In addition, we accept pre-order arrangements for meals and beverages for passengers from various countries.
    ​(ii) If Your Ticket includes an all-inclusive beverage package, the following provisions apply: (a) all standard beverages are included in the Ticket Price. (b) Selected items such as high-end spirits, including beer, wine, malt whiskey, French champagne and selected wines are not included in the package but are available at an additional charge.
    (iii) Responsible service of alcohol is adhered to by all staff on board of our vessel and we reserve the right to refuse service.
    (iv) The consumption of outside food or drinks on board is not permitted.
  6. Special Diets
    Please contact us 3 days in advance in writing of any and all special requests and dietary requirements at the time of booking. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your dietary requests but cannot guarantee that such requests can be met.
  7. Medical Services
    (1) All passengers are responsible with physical and mental discomfort such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, suffering from back or other bone conditions, epilepsy, dizziness, diabetes, angina or any other serious illnesses to always have your medication with you prior to the boarding of the ship. We shall not be responsible for any health complications which arise throughout the trip of the cruise.
    (2) Our cruise ships do not carry a doctor on board, however medical services may be called at your own expense.
    (3) Due to the large number of passengers on board, we cannot provide a personal escort for medical visits.
    (4) Passengers with a ticket should consider themselves to be sufficiently and medically fit to undertake this journey as the speed of the cruise is relatively fast. If there is any doubt, potential passengers should seek medical advice before booking.
    (5) Expectant mothers should not travel at any stage of pregnancy.
  8. Travel sickness
    If you suffer from travel or motion sickness, you are advised to arrange medication or other alternatives to treat symptoms.
  9. Children
    Passengers below the age of sixteen (16) years must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Overnight trip
    A minimum of three (3) day’s notice in advance must be given to us should you apply for accommodation for an overnight stay on the island so as to enable us to make arrangements for cruise seats and meals for the return trip. Passengers are responsible to prepare all necessary items for the island tour.
  11. General prohibition
    (i) The use of Drones is strictly prohibited at all times at the deck of cruise.
    (ii) Cruise ship sails at a relatively high speed. For safety reasons and precautions, passengers are not allowed to open any exit door and go out to deck and gunwale to avoid the passengers from being blown down by the strong wind and to avoid tragedies and mishaps.
  12. On-board Safety Notices
    Passengers must follow the instructions given by crew when embarking/disembarking or on board of vessels. Instructions or advise contained in on-board safety notices should be followed.
  13. Smoking
    For safety reasons and for the comfort of all passengers, smoking is strictly prohibited on board.
  14. Docking Position
    ​During port stops, vessels may dock side by side, obstructing views and requiring passengers to pass through other vessel to embark and disembark. All passengers agree and acknowledge that you will have no claim in respect of any such matters.
  15. Luggage
    (1) For safety reasons, and for the comfort of passengers, only small hand luggage items are allowed onboard the vessel. At the discretion of staff, and entirely at your own risk, larger items may be left on shore for collection at the end of your journey.
    (2) Tour participants are entitled to one (1) suitcase per person and the said suitcase shall be kept by the crew in the suitcase compartments of the vessel and be retrieved at the end of the cruise trip. Suitcase must not exceed 76 x 53 x 28cms (30’’ x 21’’x 11’’) and must not weigh more than 32kg (65lbs).
    (3) It is your responsibility to ensure your luggage complies with these requirements and you acknowledge that We, the Service Providers may elect not to carry overweight items.
    (4) Passengers will be responsible for any excess baggage charges.
    (5) We reserve the right to restrict the carriage of any luggage when there is a need for increased security and to refuse permission for you to take any item at all on to a vessel.
    (6) Passengers may not take on board any hazardous or inflammatory substances.
  16. Wheelchair
    (1) Wheelchair passengers should be aware that cabin doors, rest rooms and corridors may not be wide enough to provide access for standard wheelchairs.
    (2) if passengers use a wheelchair, he/she must have enough helpers to enable him/her to make his/her journey safely including embarking and disembarking the vessel. Our staff cannot, for reasons of health and safety, carry or lift passengers into the vessel.
  17. Insurance
    (1) We strongly recommend passengers to take comprehensive travel insurance with a reputable insurance company to cover his/her against risks associated with his/her Tour including cover for loss of luggage, medical expenses and costs and expenses incurred due to cancellations, delays or other disruptions.
    (2) Purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended, although a guest may purchase travel insurance directly from the Agent, Blue Galaxy reserves the right to require written evidence of either the purchase or the informed rejection of travel insurance.
  18. Valid identity
    Passenger must have a valid passport and/or National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) with an expiry date of at least six (6) months after the last scheduled day of his/her tour. If a passenger does not have a valid visa or valid documentation necessary to enter Malaysia or participate in any aspect of the Island Tour, we will not refund to them in full nor any portion of the ticket Price.
  19. Delay
    Any delay in the cruising of the ship caused by the passengers shall be held responsible by the passengers himself/herself.
  20. Currency and credit cards
    (i) All purchases on board uses Malaysian Ringgit. Subject to the latest local currency exchange market status and data, other means of payment such as Asian currency, Pound, US dollar, credit card and debit card are acceptable too.
  21. Inspection
    Local authorities such as immigration, customs department, maritime bureau, Jabatan Laut, marine police and any relevant local authorities thereof may carry out tasks such as inspecting and checking the passengers or vessel and any possible tasks the local authorities deem fit, passengers who are affected are not entitled to any compensation as a result of a delay in the voyage.
  22. On board tables and chairs are fixed and cannot be removed. Less mobile and less agile passengers may not be able to access such seating. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Passenger may seek further information prior to booking or boarding.
  23. All passengers are reminded to strictly abide ship’s regulations and safety measures. We shall not be responsible for the consequences or accidents caused by the traveler’s negligence, carelessness or oversight mistakes.
  24. Unforeseen dilemma such as acute bad weather, infectious diseases, riots or any other unpredictable serious state of affairs disturbances or accidents and incidents which affects the voyage of the same day, kindly note that all passengers are not entitled for any compensation but a refund for the ticket only or to replace your affected trip ticket for the next voyage for the next following day trip.

  25. Additional Important Information
    (1) It is regretted, that for safety reasons, we are unable to carry on board animals of any kind including guide dogs and hearing dogs. Guide dogs and hearing dogs may be allowed to the boarding platform with express permission and prior notice.
    (2) The Captain may refuse to carry any passengers, or direct any passenger to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or offence to the other passengers or to put at risk the safety of the passenger, other passengers, crew or vessel.
    (3) We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused to any persons or their possessions whilst embarking or disembarking from the vessel or during the voyage save and except such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the crew (including the Master) on board the vessel.
    (4) Passengers are advised to limit valuables and property brought on board to that which they can safely carry. All personal property is the passenger’s responsibility, at his/her own risk and must be kept with themselves at all times.
  26. Some regulations (Part of regulations) are stated on the ticket.
  27. If there is a discrepancy in the expression meaning of the Chinese language, English is the standard language of all.



* The itinerary is for reference only, it subjects to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.

  • 07:30

    Arrange your own transport to Jesselton Point Jetty in city

  • 08:30

    Depart to Mantanani Island

  • 10:30

    Arrive to Mantanani island

  • 11:30

    Boat snorkeling

  • 13:00


  • 14:30

    Ready to depart for Kota Kinabalu city

  • 16:30

    Arrive to Jesselton Point jetty


Lunch at Island


Warm Remind

  • No hotel transfer service will be provided, kindly arrange your own transport to Jesselton Point Jetty.
  • Recommend to Bring: extra pocket money, insect repellent, sun-block lotion, change of clothes, towel, cap/hat, slipper.

Pickup Time & Transport Fee

Pickup Time & Transport Fee

How to Pay

Pay on travelling day

No advance payment is required, simply pay cash in Ringgit-Malaysia to tour guide. However, you still need pay in full for any cancellation made 1 day prior to tour date.

Pay Online

Accep Visa and MasterCard credit card, Malaysian bank transfer, Paypal, FPX, Alipay. 2.3% surcharge apply.

Bank Transfer

Please request bank staff to calculate equivalent amount in USD before Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) to Malaysia. It takes 3 days to reach us. No 2.3% surcharge but you have to bear both side banks charges. The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be.

Additional information

Min. Participant(s)1 Persons To Go (child does not counted)

Tour location / Depart fromKota Kinabalu

Recommend to book1 month(s) in advance

To book at least2 day(s) in advance

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Tour Type: Sit-In-Coach basis (SIC). This tour is not private tour, you will share the trip with other guests come from different countries. Please notify us upon booking if you are looking for private tour, surcharge might be applied.

Insurance: Tourist transportation insurance included. Please contact your insurance agency for personal travel insurance.

Pickup Service:  Pickup service will be provided from the hotel/hostel/lodge that you are staying. Please wait at lobby while the tour guide will find you when he/she arrive. Dropoff service will be provided after travelling, please notify us upon booking if your dropoff location is differ from pickup location.

Specialities: You may decide the joining date, no compulsory tips (If you are happy and satisfied with the journey and the tour guide service, it's always a nice way to express your appreciation with tipping, OR words of thanks is good enough).

How may we help you?

Thanks for contacting us!
We will get back to you via email shortly, thanks for your patience :)

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