Perodua Alza


Capacity: 1.5 Litre

Seats: 5

  Luggage Luggage * 2   Travel Bag Travel Bag * 3

Transmission: Automatic


Passagers sit at the back compulsary to fasten seat belt.

Baby/Child under 135CM compulsary to sit baby/child car seat.
Baby/Child car seat rental fees MYR25 per day. Kindly advise upon booking.


Perodua Alza is an MPV that looks and moves like a car because of its ideal body size. Whether you're out on a date or out with the family, the Perodua Alza is the ideal ride for your ever-changing needs.

** This model will only accommodate maximum of five passengers.


Terms of Services

  • 1. RENTAL RATE & EXTRA HOURS are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia. Rental rate is calculated based on Daily/Weekly/Monthly rental. Minimum rental is one day (24hours). Extra hour will be charged at RM30 per hour and more than 3 hours will be considered as full day rate. Rate quoted are subject to change without prior notice.
  • 2. SECURITY DEPOSIT will be payable at the time of booking (RM200). The security deposit will be refunded within 5 working days after the car has been returned upon clearance of any damages / summons. Any cancellation of booking or change of car type after deposit is paid shall be deemed void, the security deposit will not be refunded.
  • 3. MILEAGE POLICY. The allowable driving area is within a radius of 150KM from Kota Kinabalu City Center. Driving from Kota Kinabalu to East Coast of Sabah (Beluran, Sandakan, Kunak, Lahad Datu, Semporna, Tawau) will be subject to surcharge of RM300 and subject to company’s permission.
  • 4. VEHICLE CONDITION & DELIVERY. Please bring a photocopy of identity card/ passport, driving license or any relevant document for home/ working address verification purpose. During vehicle collection, the hirer is required to check if there is any damage or missing part of the vehicle. If any damage or missing part is found during collection, kindly inform our staff immediately. Any damage or missing part not reported earlier will be considered under the hirer’s responsibility. Surcharge of RM50 will be imposed when delivery of vehicle is done between 8pm to 8am and surcharge may apply for vehicle not returning to the collection location.
  • 5. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) is provided to hirer in order to reduce the excess liability to minimal. Below 1500cc (RM1500), Above 1500cc (RM2000), At 2000cc (RM3000), Above 2000cc (RM5000). CDW protection will only take effect by reporting to rental company as soon as possible in relation to damages or accidents suffered. Loss of the accessories are not covered by vehicle insurance and CDW.
  • 6. FULL RESPONSIBILITY ON DAMAGE & ACCIDENT DURING RENTAL PERIOD. Upon booking placed, the hirershall deemed accept and take full responsibility to repair all damages or pay excess liability amount. Lost or stolen vehicle during the period of hire shall be reported immediately to the nearest police station as well as rental company for necessary police investigation and insurance claimant. Hirer’s deposit shall be forfeited if the following is found: any scratches on car body, broken / smashed windshield, window glass & wiper, fender, front/ rear bumper bend or fall out, minor or major damage on all front & rear lamps, damage on car seat, missing and/or damage itemsrelating to the vehicle.
  • 7. PETROL, PARKING, TRAFFIC SUMMONS. Level of fuel during return of the vehicle must be the same with the level during collection; surcharge will be imposed for the missing fuel and refueling charge will be RM15 (per column). Hirer is responsible for all parking fees, summons from traffic police/JPJ/DBKK compound incurred during the rental period.
  • 8. PENALTIES of smoking, drinking alcohol, bringing pets, doing illegal or indecent things in the vehicle is prohibited during the rental period, penalty of RM300 will be imposed if breached.
  • 9. VEHICLE BREAKDOWN or unable to start the engine during rental period, we will immediately arrange for repair by sending mechanic if possible, and if the damage severe, we will deliver another vehicle to replace or any other alternative way to solve the problem. In the meantime, the hirer shall not claim any costs such as fuel refueled, refund or other costs incurred by hiring Taxi, Grab, Bus and other cost.
  • 10. BATTERY DAMAGE caused by careless / negligence, for instance, hirer forgot to switch off headlamps, etc. causing vehicle battery flat. The cost to replace new battery will be borne by hirer.
  • 11. CLEANLINESS. The vehicle’s interior and exterior must return in clean condition. Fail to do so will be charged RM20 surcharge for carwash and vacuum fee.
  • 12. OBEY THE LAW. Hirer must not breach any law and shall not be using the rented vehicle to do any illegal activity.

Car Insurance & CDW

What is Car Insurance?

The vehicle is covered under comprehensive Hire & Rental Insurance policy. In the event of any accident, loss or damage to the vehicle during the period of rental, the hirer is responsible for the first part of reparation (please refer Terms of Services above).

What is CDW?

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be purchased by payment of an additional amount to waive part of above liability. Please be informed that this waiver does not apply to full waive and you are responsible for the amount of ‘Non-Waiver Damage Excess’ (please refer Terms of Services above).

Situation and example

[without CDW]
Assuming the vehicle first part of reparation is MYR 2500, any damaged cost more than MYR 2500 will be covered by insurance.
In another words, hirer still need to pay maximum MYR 2500 if any damaged happend.

eg: Damaged cost MYR 3000 (confirmed by adjuster), hirer is responsible to pay MYR 2500 while insurance will cover MYR 500.

[with CDW]
If the hirer buy CDW, the ‘Non-Waiver Damage Excess’ become MYR 1000.

eg: Damaged cost MYR 3000 (confirmed by adjuster), hirer is responsible to pay MYR 1000 while insurance will pay MYR 2000.

How to Pay

Additional information

  • Car locationKota Kinabalu

  • Minimum rental day(s): 1 day(s)

  • Mileage Limitation: Unlimited

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:  No refund for any cancellation made on car pickup date; 95% will be refunded if cancel 24 hours prior; 90% will be refunded if cancel 48 hours prior.

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