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Perodua Bezza


Capacity: 1.3 Litre

Seats: 5

Transmission: Automatic

Fuel Type: Petrol


Price List

Rate (SGD)
Price per day
Price for 7 days
Extra Hour add 0 /hour
Automatic transmission Not Available
Chauffeur driven add 56 /day

The documents will be requested from the hirer upon booking; scanned driving licensed and scanned passport/I.C., or you may prepare the photocopies and hand it to the rental company upon pickup.

MYR 100 will need to be collected as a security deposit.

Terms of Services

  • The documents will be requested from hirer upon booking: (1)Scanned of driving license, and (2)Scanned of passport/I.C. ; Or you may prepare the photocopies and hand it to rental company upon pickup.
  • Chauffeur driven: kindly advise upon booking if require.
  • Rental rates are calculated on a Daily / Weekly / Monthly. However, a grace period of 1 hour is allowed for after time due back.
  • Extra hour shall be charged at 10% of the daily rate per hour. 6 hours extra consider full day rental. Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Security deposit; Rm50 for a small car, Rm100 for Sedan and MPVs, Rm150 for SUV, Rm300 for a luxury cars and 20% of the total renting amount (applicable for monthly rental).
  • Security deposit will be refunded in 5 working days from the return date.
  • The hirer is responsible for damage as a result of illegal, negligence, careless actions, scratch, dent, tire punctures, burst tire, fuel errors, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned off electrical devices, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories and damage of windows, mirror and undercarriage.
  • Pets are not allowed in the vehicle at any time.
  • No refund for any cancellation/amendment. Any amendment date and type of car are subject to availability.
  • High-roof vehicles are not allowed to park in buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, condos, apartments and etc.
  • The rental rates include full indemnity for accidental damage to third-party property and bodily injuries. However, the hirer is always responsible for an amount equivalent to the excess clause not exceeding as below<1001-1300cc - MYR 2,000><1301-1500cc - MYR 2,500><1501-2000cc - MYR 3,000><2001cc and above - MYR 5000>
  • If the accident or damage to the vehicle is caused by a third-party vehicle, then the hirer is responsible to get all third-party detail such as vehicle registration number, drivers name, and driving license number. If the claims cannot be made against third-party insurance, therefore all damage will be borne by the hirer subject to the excess clause as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Car Insurance & CDW

What is Car Insurance?

The vehicle is covered under comprehensive Hire & Rental Insurance policy. In the event of any accident, loss or damage to the vehicle during the period of rental, the hirer is responsible for the first part of reparation (please refer Terms of Services above).

What is CDW?

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be purchased by payment of an additional amount to waive part of above liability. Please be informed that this waiver does not apply to full waive and you are responsible for the amount of ‘Non-Waiver Damage Excess’ (please refer Terms of Services above).

Situation and example

[without CDW]
Assuming the vehicle first part of reparation is MYR 2500, any damaged cost more than MYR 2500 will be covered by insurance.
In another words, hirer still need to pay maximum MYR 2500 if any damaged happend.

eg: Damaged cost MYR 3000 (confirmed by adjuster), hirer is responsible to pay MYR 2500 while insurance will cover MYR 500.

[with CDW]
If the hirer buy CDW, the ‘Non-Waiver Damage Excess’ become MYR 1000.

eg: Damaged cost MYR 3000 (confirmed by adjuster), hirer is responsible to pay MYR 1000 while insurance will pay MYR 2000.

How to Pay

Pay upon pickup

No advance payment is required, simply pay cash in Ringgit-Malaysia to staff. However, you still need pay in full for any cancellation made after confirmation.

Pay Online

Accep Visa and MasterCard credit card, Malaysian bank transfer, Paypal, FPX, Alipay. 2.3% surcharge apply. Please be noted that 2.3% processing fee is non-refundable in case there is cancellation 3 days after the payment made.

Bank Transfer

Please request bank staff to calculate equivalent amount in USD before Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) to Malaysia. It takes 3 days to reach us. No 2.3% surcharge but you have to bear both side banks charges. The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be.

Additional information

Car locationKota Kinabalu

Minimum rental day(s): 1 day(s)

Mileage Limitation: Unlimited

Cancellation & Refund Policy:  No refund for any cancellation made on car pickup date; 95% will be refunded if cancel 24 hours prior; 90% will be refunded if cancel 48 hours prior.

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