Toyota Hiace Manual


Capacity: 75 Litre

Seats: 14

  Luggage Luggage * 4   Travel Bag Travel Bag * 4

Transmission: Manual


Important Note:
- Upon picking up the car , guest is required to pay MYR 500 to our operator as a security deposit (Compulsary). 
- If there is no issue found upon returning the car , our operator will return you the MYR 500 security deposit.
- If any issue is located , operator will deduct the damages/charges from the security deposit.
- Extended hour will be MYR 30 / hour and will included in the amount according to the time of return. (Over 8 hours extended time will apply the same price as 1 Day rental)

Additional Charges (If Any):

Fuel  MYR 30/bar Fuel calculated as Full Basis.1 bar less will be charged MYR 30/bar.
Liquid Spills MYR 100 Any liquid spills on the car seat and car floor will be charged MYR 100
Bad Odours  MYR 50 Causing bad odors (cigar, raw foods, dried seafood, durian, etc) in the car will be charged MYR 50
Fines/Compond  MYR 10 -MYR 300 The hirer is responsible for all parking fees or Traffic/JPJ/DBKK fines/compound incurred during the rental period
Child Seat  MYR 30 - 40 /day Child seat is available for rental surcharge of MYR 30 - 40 will be applied.

【Guests from Mainland China】

"International Driving Permit" or International Driving Permit (IDP) is an international driving license recognized by all the signatory states of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic. Since mainland China has not yet joined the "United Nations Convention on Road Traffic", there is no official agency in mainland China that issues an international driver's license.

You can go to the notary office in your city in person or entrust your relatives and friends to apply for notarization of your driver's license in English. You need to submit 3 documents and copies (original and photocopy of your Chinese driver's license, original and photocopy of Chinese resident ID card, original and photocopy of household registration book) Items), the processing time is about 3-5 working days, and the cost is about 200 yuan, which varies slightly in different regions.

Terms of Services

How to Pay

Pay on travelling day

No advance payment is required, simply pay cash in Ringgit-Malaysia to tour guide. However, you still need pay in full for any cancellation made 1 day prior to tour date.

Pay Online

Accep Visa and MasterCard credit card, Malaysian bank transfer, Paypal, FPX, Alipay. 2.3% surcharge apply. Please be noted that 2.3% processing fee is non-refundable in case there is cancellation 3 days after the payment made.

Bank Transfer

for Malaysians:
Online banking through your Malaysia Bank Account

for International guests:
Use WISE - a Fast & convenient global transfers service, better exchange rate than conventional bank Telegraphic Transfer; No 2.3% processing fee; Generally we would receive your payment in same day.

Additional information

  • Car locationKota Kinabalu

  • Minimum rental day(s): 1 day(s)

  • Mileage Limitation: Unlimited

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:  Not refunable for any cancellation made.

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