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Title 搵旅伴 - 三日兩夜
Tour Mantanani Island Snorkeling
Desire Date 2017-03-24 (Date is fix and not negotiable)
Convener Eugene Chung Male
Content 加拿大人,三月會去香港,打算月尾去沙巴玩。 未去過,打算玩浮潛和其他水上活動。 計劃是能有玩又能夠可以休息,享受陽光與海灘。

From Canada, going to be in Hong Kong in March, so plan to visit Sabah late March. Plan to do some snorkeling and other water activities. Plan to be a relaxing trip with sun and beach.
Speaks Cantonese and English
Post Date 2017-02-14
IP location United States
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