Post to find companions

Responsibility of Convener

  1. If someone response to your post, a notification email will be sent to you, please click the link in the email to reply.

  2. If you have reached your target or decided to discontinue your solicitation, please click the link in the email to close the post.

  3. Please place the booking after your group has been confirmed. You may also consult our customer service when is the best time to place the booking.

  4. Please ask for the English full name of your companions (leader of their group) and pickup location, which are needed to be recorded upon booking.

  5. The maximum number of pickup location in one booking is 3 hotels.

  6. You have to collect the tour fees from your companions and pay to the tour guide on the travelling day.

  7. If your companions "No Show" on travelling day, please take note that tour company has the right to charge you full payment. Kindly ensure that your companions will attend on time.