Comment from Ms. LAI

回答很迅速 寻问行程都给予很完整的建议,我非常满意

Comment from Ms. DANIELLE

My husband and I were truly satisfied with the services provided by the tour company. The tour guide has met us in the hotel on time. He was pleasant, cordial and has a great sense of humour; he made us laugh all the time. He has memorized all the names of the trees and flowers we have seen there.

Comment from Ms. LEUNG

導遊好好, 幫我地看管財物, 又盡責, 令我地玩得好開心放心~~

Comment from Ms. LIN

The guides were very good and we enjoyed the trip very much. Our diving coach Jackson was really nice and caring!

Comment from Mr. CHAN

Our tour guide, Melvin has been very helpful and nice to talk to throughout the trip. We appreciate his service very much.

Comment from Ms. GUAN

安排妥善, 值得嘉许 耐心解答, 用心服务

Comment from Ms. TSANG


Comment from Ms. FIONA LI


Comment from Ms. YU

The tour guide called Esther provide the excellent service.

Comment from Ms. LI

It is user friendly web page and easy to understand. Most importantly, it has the analysis of the 3 proboscis monkey watching sites for me to select my preferable trip! Really awesome feature! Also, it is a one stop web page and i feel i can see every interesting trips in sabah with this one web page. Only one for all. It is easy and convenient.

Comment from Ms. SHINJU

Overall I am very satisfy with the package. Friendly and helpful tour guide,nice food and most important less pack during my tour. I will definitely go to this tour company again and will recommend to my relatives and friends. Basically this trip is just pay and relax and have fun! really fun!

Comment from Ms. LEUNG


Comment from Ms. HUI

導遊TIM很好,提供很多關於亞庇巿的資訊和協助,玩得很開心呀 問題回覆得快,跟進很貼心!網頁資料充足.

Comment from Ms. XU


Comment from Ms. LAM

潛水員指導很親切,細心有耐心. 有責任心,回覆得很快,令人安心

Comment from Ms. CHEN

古逹距亞庇甚遠,車程約三個多小時,安排本次旅程的主要目的,就是要看看娑羅洲的鄉村,尤其是最北端的岬角,一路順利,感謝. 沙巴訂位網網路作業完整,非常方便.

Comment from Ms. HUANG

Overall, satisfy and enjoy :-) Tour guide is good

Comment from Ms. WYNNE MA

Beautiful scenery when driving from KK city to Tenom st. and all the way to the starting point. Friendly people we met included the tourguide, rafting instructor & rafting guides. The whole trip was such a wonderful experience. Thank you lovely people from Sabah!!

Comment from Mr. TUNG

教練講解詳盡,有耐心. 客戶服務回覆快捷,能迅速回覆我提問及訂單

Comment from Ms. CAO

we are satisfied to your every arranged and prompt feedback, we will come back again as you give us an unforgettable and rewarding trip ,thanks so so so much!

Comment from Ms. YIN

Awesome, highly recommend.

Comment from Ms. TSENG

導遊很專業及良好, 行程安排也很十分恰當, 讚. 沙巴訂位網服務有效率

Comment from Ms. CHIEN

感謝導遊的盡責。 對於貴公司客服人員的服務很滿意。

Comment from Mr. CHANG

非常準時,有禮,而且專業!下午茶很可口. 回復快,準確到位,一定再用!

Comment from Mr. KELVIN

導遊很好,耐心,有交代島嶼資料,保育情況等. 接送準時,很禮貌

Comment from Mr. ZHENG


Comment from Mr. YANG

It was a very convenient alternative offer from Sabah booking to allow customers to book in advance and pay the relevant fees on site (on actual day of the tour). They have got quite a number of selection of tour packages for places to visit. I will definitely book with Sabah Booking the next time I visit Borneo.

Comment from Ms. YUMI

The driver was really nice too. He drove us to our destinations safely. Not to mention the tasty food we had for lunch (Chinese food) at a local restaurant near the Hot Poring Spring. The food they served us were all delicious. The canopy walk was exciting! Our guide assisted us all the way up and through the canopy walk.

Comment from Mr. TAN

导游很热情,态度很好对团员像朋友. 换了别间旅行社之前有打电话来让客户选择,非常好

Comment from Mr. WONG

really easy to use and quick respond

Comment from Mr. LIU

當地的導遊mike很好,服務一流 行程不往此行,太美,可親近大自然,很盡興

Comment from Mr. JOSEPH

good and on time to pick up,the trip is nice! easy to follow and willing to keep on touch.

Comment from Ms. CHEN

導遊BILLY好NICE,沿途講解不同資訊給我們! SABAH BOOKING 回覆效率快!