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How to order my drinks?

  • 2013-03-30

The diet habits of locals : meal + drink! Let us learn about the culture here!

If you would like to have a cup of tea, you may have these selections:
   Teh "O" : Black tea + "sugar"
   Teh "C" : Black tea + "evaporated milk"
   Teh : Black tea + condensed milk

   The variations:
   ... ping : with ice
   ... pok : lighter in taste
   ... gau : heavier in taste

   eg. Teh C ping gau : Iced concentrate milk tea
         Teh C ping gau gau : Iced milk tea with more concentrate (price may increase)

Besides teh, you can make the variations for coffee and milo too!

Drink Board

Let’s try to order your favorite drink by yourself~