Travel Tips

Public order in Sabah

  • 2010-10-08

Sabah is a peace and security place to visit. But unfortunately, the order situation has slightly changed due to influx of foreign illegal immigrants in recent years.

There are several rules that can safe you more:

  • Do not show off your cash.
  • Beware of pickpockets at crowded places.
  • Cell phone, wallet, backpack should not left it on the table, or away from your sight.
  • Always be vigilance if you walking around at night.
  • Avoid entering into back alleys or unknown streets.
  • Avoid traveling with unlicensed mini-buses (Bas Mini) at night.
Although Sabah is free from gang crime / severe criminals, you should keep your safety awareness always.

It is a good idea if you could hold some long strip in your hand at night such as camera tripods, umbrellas that might give out some deterrent effect.

It might be worrying too much, we never heard of a tourist was robbed, but more vigilance and precautionary can ensure your travel is safe and smoothly. We wish everyone a happy safe journey.