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Tawau Food Guide

  • 2013-09-12

Tawau can be said to be the third largest city, although Tawau development is slow, but really a lot of talking about the delicious food, where to collect some food information to regional planning, let you in a different region has a concept, you can always taste the local famous food.


Apas Road Area

Kedai Kopi Yung Lee Fatt
Yung Lee Fatt coffee shop offers their famous steamed pork bun and barbecued pork bun, RM1.50 each.  

Kedai Kopi Keong Sang
Keong Sang Coffee Shop is famous for their egg tart (RM1.20 each) and pineapple bun.

Kedai Kopi Boloi
Boloi offers tasty fish head noodles (RM5 per bowl) and their wonton is big and delicious too (RM5 per bowl).


Sin Onn Area

Calvary Church Canteen
This canteen is famed for its Fresh Cockles Char Kway Teow and Pan Mee

Union Tea House
Their toast smells good and crispy and their winter melon-longan-luo han guo herbal tea is unbelievable!


Town Center

Kedai Kopi Man Vun
The place to be when you want to eat the iconic Tawau pork noodle

Indo Café-
Beat the heat at Indo Café with their cooling mango ice. The shop is always full house therefore sometimes it is hard to find a seat.

Kedai Kopi Wah Hing
The smoothies offered here is yummy while the toast is very good.


Eastern Plaza Lower Ground

Zheng Teck Vegetarian Stall
Vegetarian noodles and mixed rice for those seeking a meatless affair.

Chun Hing –
Prawns noodles and curry laksa with strong spice fragrant.

Nyonya Stall-
Stall offering Malay flavour foods, price range between RM5 and RM6.


Night Street Food

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant
Seafood is what you’ll think of when in Tawau and Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant is the popular choice for visitors.

Village Boy’s Café
Located a bit far from the town but they have the special pork satay. 


Get some souvenirs for your family and friends before leaving Tawau!



Cocoa powder produces in Tawau.
Coral Seaweed (Sea Birdnest) - Though not particularly a Tawau product, it is recommended for its high nutritious value.

Amplang Cracker- A round snack made of ground fish meat and flour and was fried until crispy.   

All of these food can be bought at the Tawau central market and can be brought onto airplane (when not too many and are properly packed).