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Cultural Village in Kota Kinabalu

  • 2013-09-12

Mari-mari Cultural Village:

  • Sabah cultural village built with five Aboriginal housing to groups of buildings with cultural colors dominated.
  • Every day the staff demonstration Laos, the demonstration of the daily activities of all races, so that visitors are able to understand the local culture.
  • Visitors can help the staff to experience and learn survival skills of all races.


Price: MYR135 (adult), MYR115 (child)
Visitors Popularity:


Kadazan and Dusun Cultural Village(KDCA):

  • Mainly demonstration Kadazandusun family's traditional culture and lifestyle.
  • The family can watch a lot of exciting cultural performances, and has the characteristics of traditional dances.
  • Taste the local Aboriginal cooked buffet dinner.

Price: MYR150 (adult), MYR120 (child)
Visitors Popularity:


Monsopiad Cultural Village


  • This is to commemorate the Kadazandusun family head hunter hero Monsopiad Cultural Village, described the Monceau complete head-hunting saga Wyatt's life.
  • 42 people with a long history of real skull.
  • Experience the hard rural life.

Price: MYR170 (adult), MYR130 (child)
Visitors Popularity:



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