Travel Tips

USD and own country currency, which one is more cost-effective?

  • 2011-05-06

If your country currency is listed below, just bring them here to exchange into Ringgit-Malaysia directly:

  1. US Dollar
  2. Euro
  3. Sterling Pound
  4. Singapore Dollar
  5. Japanese Yen
  6. Korean Won
  7. Hongkong Dollar
  8. Chinese Renminbi
  9. New Taiwan Dollar
  10. Australian Dollar
  11. New Zealand Dollar
  12. Canadian Dollar
  13. Brunei Dollar
  14. Indian Rupee
  15. Indonesian Rupiah
  16. Philippine Peso
  17. Thai Baht

Because of you could exchange it into Ringgit directly, you are no need to change your country currency into US Dollar, then exchange it into Ringgit upon arrival. Keep in mind that, two times of exchange will cost you more.