Mabul + Kapalai Island Diving Trip


  • Mabul Island
  • Kapalai Island
  • Diving around a school of fish


Return boat transfer, Diving equipment, Diving guide, Lunch, Jetty fee


Dive into the wonders of Mabul & Kapalai Island!

There are two types of dives to choose from: Discover Scuba Diving and Leisure Diving. Towards the end, we'll outline the differences between them. For now, let's dive into the two destinations for this diving trip~

Mabul Island, a lesser-known neighbour of Sipadan Island, offers some of the best muck diving in the world, located at just 26 kilometres or a 45-minute boat ride from Semporna. Many divers think the challenge of finding a camouflaged frogfish and hidden harlequin shrimp here is far more satisfying than bumping into a giant school of fish. Mabul Island is divided in half: one part are the resorts, and the other is home to the Bajau, the world's last sea nomads. Also known as sea gypsies, they add cultural flavor to the coastal scenery.

Mabul boasts approximately 2 square kilometres of coral reef with over 10 dive sites for scuba divers to explore. Unlike Sipadan which is home to large pelagic species and huge schools of fish, this island is known for its unique and seldom seen critters. While diving, you will have the opportunity to see snake eels, juvenile batfish, lots of pelagic reef fishes and the occasional flamboyant cuttlefish. Look again closely at the reef and you may spot nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, and harlequin shrimp. Dive sites include the Eel Garden, Lobster Wall, Ray Point, Paradise, Seaventure Oil Rig and many more.

Diving in Mabul is suited for all levels of divers especially beginner divers as dive sites are mostly shallows while mild current allows for easy drift dives. The depth of the dive sites is from 5 to 40 meters deep with visibility of up to 20 meters. This also makes it easier for divers to observe macro marine life and for those who are doing underwater photography because the surface conditions are calm and the currents are gentle.

Kapalai Island, it is actually not an island but a sandbar near Sipadan and Mabul islands. Once adorned with wild flora, it evolved into a sandbar through the erosion of land by the sea. Today, the sandbar is globally recognized for the water bungalows built upon it. At considerable expense, an artificial sandy beach was constructed on this "island," which lacks natural sandy beaches, to provide a safe nesting ground for turtles.

Kapalai is a treasure trove of marine life, offering over 15 dive sites to explore, such as Mandarin Valley, Gurnard Point and Mid Reef. Each dive site presents a unique array of organisms to discover. From sea turtles and huge giant morays to nudibranchs, flamboyant cuttlefish, mantis shrimps, and lobsters, the diversity is astounding. Vibrant fish schools can easily be spotted at the jetty point during deep dives, with the possibility of encountering a blue-ringed octopus adding to the excitement.

In simple terms, Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is tailored for individuals without diving experience or diving license, making it ideal for short trips or those unsure about their affinity for diving. It serves as a gateway to the ocean for first-time encounters. On the other hand, Leisure Diving/Fun Diving entails licensed recreational dives, allowing participants to leisurely enjoy and explore the underwater world. Normally, the depth of each dive varies between the two types, consequently offering distinct marine life encounters.

Here are the differences Discover Scuba Diving and Leisure Diving on this trip:

  Discover Scuba Diving  Leisure Diving / Fun Diving
Diving License Not Required

-Required (Diving License must be provided after placing booking)
-Minimum: Open Water

Number of Dives  2 Dives 3 Dives (2 Dives only if you choose to head up to Mabul Water Bungalows for phototaking)
Underwater Photo  Included Not Included
Diving Equipment   BCD, Regulator, Tank, Fin, Mask  BCD, Regulator, Tank, Fin, Mask

- You are welcome to bring along your own diving equiment (if any). 
- Leisure Divers who did not went for any diving activity for 1 - 2 years will require to take the Refresher Course.  Additional surcharge of MYR 150 per person (Minimum 2 pax)  

The vast ocean stretches endlessly, as time gracefully unfolds, revealing unique wonders to each beholder.
Let us embark on a journey together, wandering through its depths, and uncovering the magical creatures that dwell within!


Important Notice:
- This tour is not included the entrance fee for Mabul Water Bungalow. 

Mabul Water Bungalows Entrance Fee: 
  ~ Payable by cash on site directly to the resort. 
  ~ MYR50/adult , MYR30/child

Strictly NO expecting mothers, age under 12 and above 50 years old, person with serious medical history, and those who need to fly within 24 hours after diving allowed for the trip.


* The itinerary is for reference only, it subjects to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.

Pickup Time & Transport Fee

No hotel pickup service is provided, you may need to reach meeting point yourselves.

Meeting Point:  Grace Hotel Semporna 仙本那格瑞斯酒店

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How to Pay

Pay on travelling day

No advance payment is required, simply pay cash in Ringgit-Malaysia to tour guide. However, you still need pay in full for any cancellation made 1 day prior to tour date.

Pay Online

Accep Visa and MasterCard credit card, Malaysian bank transfer, Paypal, FPX, Alipay. 2.3% surcharge apply. Please be noted that 2.3% processing fee is non-refundable in case there is cancellation 3 days after the payment made.

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Additional information

  • Min. Participant(s)1 Persons To Go (child does not counted)

  • Tour location / Depart fromTawau (Semporna) . To reach Tawau city, you have to take a domestic flight or bus express from Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan. There are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport too.

  • Recommend to book1 month(s) in advance

  • To book at least2 day(s) in advance

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:  Not refunable for any cancellation made.

  • Tour Type: Sit-In-Coach basis (SIC). This tour is not private tour, you will share the trip with other guests come from different countries. Please notify us upon booking if you are looking for private tour, surcharge might be applied.

  • Insurance: Tourist transportation insurance included. Please contact your insurance agency for personal travel insurance.

  • Pickup Service:  No hotel pickup service is provided, you may need to reach meeting point yourselves.

  • Specialities: You may decide the joining date, no compulsory tips (If you are happy and satisfied with the journey and the tour guide service, it's always a nice way to express your appreciation with tipping, OR words of thanks is good enough).

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