2D1N Deep Sea Fishing


  • Wooden ship
  • Sabah Deep Sea
  • Night Fishing


Return land and boat transfer, breakfast * 1, lunch * 1, dinner * 1, cooler box, ice cube, fish bait, fishing equipment, drinking water.


Deep sea fishing is a kind of fishing that requires a trip out into the Atlantic ocean and it’s deep waters and requires a trip up the Intercoastal Waterway out into the ocean far from land. The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing area. If traveling by boat tends to make you a little queasy, then plan ahead and be ready with the proper medication.  This fishing technique is typically referred to as sport or offshore fishing or big game fishing.

Most people who love to fish do so during the early hours of the day. But many anglers also like to be out after the sun goes down to try their hand at a sport that, depending on the region, time of year, type of water, and species of fish, offers its own special kinds of challenges. Those can range from casting surface lures in the pitch black for largemouth bass, to using glowing lures for deep-water salmon trolling, to sitting in a lantern-equipped boat while fishing deep bait for catfish or trout. One thing that can be said with certainty about angling for all species of fish in the inky blackness of night is that you just don’t fish like you would in daylight.

In typical daylight fishing, anglers are accustomed to seeing what they’re doing and watching the line or the lure, but this is seldom possible at night. You can use black lights that make it easy to watch fluorescent lines, but although this was a popular monofilament line several decades ago, few anglers use this type of line, today. For the most part, intuition and a feel for your tackle become more important at night than during the day. This makes it advantageous to use a sensitive rod and line, and to forgo using ultralight tackle.

Obviously, your vision is better on nights with moonlight than it is on dark or overcast nights, although there is some debate over whether bright nights are better for fishing than dark nights. Keeping the use of external-source lights to a minimum is a good idea for some types of fishing, though it is unnecessary for others.  It is also well known that locations prone to receiving light (docks, piers, bridges, etc.) may attract small fish and thus larger predators, although this is more likely the case in saltwater than in freshwater. Even if you have great intuition and a natural feel for your tackle, a small headlamp is a proper accessory for night fishing, since it frees both hands and issues only a small amount of light. Better ones are those with red and/or green color options, which are not as alarming to fish if you happen to turn toward the water.


* The itinerary is for reference only, it subjects to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.

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Zone Hotel Pickup Time Fee (MYR)
A Kota Kinabalu city North (Grandis, Hyatt, Gaya street area...) 10:45 am Free
B Kota Kinabalu city Center (Marriott, Marina Court, Horizon, ...) 10:45 am Free
C Kota Kinabalu city South (Sutera Harbour, KK Time Square, ...) 10:45 am Free
D Airport area (Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, Aeropod, ...) 10:45 am Free
E 1Borneo area (Tune, Grand Borneo, ...) 10:30 am 20.00
F Outskirt area (Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Nexus Karambunai, ...) 10:30 am 30.00
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  • Min. Participant(s)6 Persons To Go (child does not counted)

  • Tour location / Depart fromKota Kinabalu

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  • To book at least7 day(s) in advance

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:  (1.) Over 14 days (from date of departure) charge 30% of Tour fare (2.) 7 to 14 days (from date of departure) charge 50% of tour fare (3.) Less than 7 days (from date of departure) charge full tour fare.

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