Monsopiad Cultural Village


  • Prized Skulls
  • Farm Life Experiences


Entrance fee, return transfer, traditional fire making, wine making, traditional show.


Monsopiad Heritage Village is a traditional village with a historical site opened on the 1st of May 1996 to commemorate Monsopiad. Monsopiad was a fearsome Kadazan Headhunter warrior who lived in the Village of Kuai 300 years ago who was born to a woman named Kizabon and her husband Dunggou.

More than just a museum, the concept of the Monsopiad Heritage Village is to document, revive and preserve the history of Monsopiad, as well as the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Kadazandusun people. The village offers you the opportunity to see and experience the culture and lifestyle of how the indigenous ethnic communities of the Kadasandusun used to live in the past.

Guided Tour Schedule: 11am, 2pm, 3pm
Cultural Dances Performance: 11am, 2pm

Monsopiad Cultural Village Map

1. House of Skull 7. ‘Tangkob’ 13. ‘Pagahavatan’ 19. ‘Danau’
2. MCV Information Board 8. ‘Kotos’ 14. Putatan River 20. Traditional Sport/Games
3. Main Entrance 9. Riverside Café 15. Performance Stage 21. Handicraft Hut
4. Entrance Gong 10. Hanging Bridge 16. ‘Gintutun Do Mohoing’ 22. Sumpit Hut
5. Administration Office 11. Jetty 17. ‘Hamin Pobuvatan’ 23. ‘Hamin Tagazo’
6. ‘Hamin Bakaang’ 12. Warrior Boat 18. ‘Husap’ 24. Future Development


Things to do:

1. Learn to make traditional Sabah rice wine from glutinous rice and local yeast. You might also be able to taste 3 types of rice wine such as Lihing, Talak, and Sikat.

2. Learn the signature "Sabahan" dishes. When it comes to traditional food, Sabah has many yet delicious dishes which are mainly pickled or preserved. For example : Bambangan (Wild mango), Tuhau (Wild ginger).

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3. Take the butod challenge! Butod (Sago worms), is the larvae of sago palm weevil, species of snout beetle that consumes sago palm during its infancy. Its also delicacies in Sabah and Sarawak and enjoyed as nutritional by the indigenous community for centuries.

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4. Watch the fire-making demo. In the olden days, women must learn how to start a fire using a traditional method which was considered as a women chores while the men goes out hunting.

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5. Participate in traditional games. Learn and experience traditional games such as Tampanau (Bamboo stilt walk), slingshot, coconut shell walk, and blowpipe shooting.

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6. Make henna on your hands.

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Price Per Person (MYR) Morning Session (11 am) Afternoon Session (2 pm) Evening Session (3 pm)
Adult 105 130 120
Child 85 100 100


Price Per Person (MYR) Morning Session (11 am) Afternoon Session (2 pm) Evening Session (3 pm)
Adult 115 140 130
Child 95 110 110



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