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Mari Mari Cultural Village


  • 5 different ethnic tribes
  • Activities house tour with demo
  • Cultural performance


Return land transfer, English speaking guide, admission fee, meal * 1.


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Mari Mari Cultural Village tour is located deep in the countryside away from the modern and developing Kota Kinabalu city. The village operates as a museum that preserves Borneo ethnic culture. It aims to share the knowledge, history, culture, and tradition of Borneo with you so that it is not forgotten. The tour offers you the opportunity to see and experience the culture and lifestyle of how the indigenous ethnic groups of Borneo used to live in the olden days when electricity had not yet been introduced in their land.

First, you will visit the Dusun house. Here, you will be briefed on the tools / items used in the olden days and the materials of the house itself. As you exit through the back door, you will enter a hut specialized for bamboo cooking and Montoku (distilled rice wine) processing.

Second, we will bring you to the Rungus Longhouse. Here, you will learn how to start a fire without lighters or matches and look into the typical room of the tribe.

Third, you will find the Lundayeh house. Inside, be awed by a demonstration on the olden ways of producing ropes, vests, floors, walls and etc. from tree barks.

Fourth, visit the Bajau House to watch the locals prepare Jala (local cake) and Pandan juice.  Inside, you will see a myriad of colourful materials of antique ancestral objects. At one corner, there is a decorative bridal parlor for your photo-taking pleasure.

Fifth, belonging to the headhunters’ tribe, the Murut Longhouse, awaits you as your journey reaches the ending. (Just kidding! We hereby guarantee that your head will still be attached to your body after visiting this house). You will be greeted by the Chief and go through a custom Welcome Ceremony. You will witness a demonstration on blowpipe making before going into their house. Inside, there is a built-in Lansaran (traditional trampoline-like floor) which you may dance on after they show you how to jump for your “prize”. At a corner, you will see demonstration on local cigarette making and may have a puff or two. At another corner, witness the locals as they tattoo their bodies the old method.  You can also get a temporary body tattoo the ancient way if you wish.

Finally, you will be led to the Performance Hall where our very own staff will entertain you with cultural performances. After that, proceed to the main dining hall where you can linger around and shop at the Souvenir shop). After your wonderful tour, sumptuous meal is prepared for you at the Buffet Counter.

Then, it is time to bid farewell to the villagers and depart into the 21st century, as we transfer you to your respective hotel.



* The itinerary is for reference only, it subjects to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.

  • Pick up from hotel to the village.

  • Upon arrival, as you assemble you will be briefed on the Village Rules...the Dos & the Don’ts.

  • As you enter through the suspension bridge, you will be fascinated with the sight of a river flowing.

  • Visit each tribe’s traditional house and do some in house activities and stopover at demo huts.

  • After the performance, you will be led to the Dining Hall. You may leisure around for about 15 mins to shop, take photos or just relax and enjoy the natural surrounding.

  • Enjoy delectable traditional and fusion cuisines for lunch / high tea / dinner before the end of the tour.

  • Time to bid a primordial farewell to the village.

  • Depart back to your hotel / designated place.

Lunch (Stage A)

Snack (Stage B)

Dinner (Stage C)

Warm Remind

  • There are 3 daily scheduled departures : Stage A (10 am), Stage B (2 pm), Stage C (6 pm). Please advice upon booking.
  • Stage C (6pm) is not opening routinely, it opens only when reached minimum 30 participants.
  • Whole trip takes about 3.5 hours.
  • Surcharge of MYR20 per person applied for pickup location in Putatan area (eg. Narada Hotel).
  • Recommend to bring: camera, drinking water, insect repellent, sun block lotion.

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Pickup Time & Transport Fee

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