Title HEY.10月20日至10月24日
Route Kota Kinabalu City to Airport
Desire Date 2013-10-24 (Date is fix and not negotiable)
Convener Ling Female
Content 10月20日下午到亚庇,打算在亚庇市区住,会去美人鱼岛浮潜、看萤火虫长鼻猴、还向去神山,24日清晨6点左右飞机回香港,可以拼车,也可以一起share一下 travel plan。waiting for you。
Post Date 2013-08-19
IP location United States


1   Catherine Female   United States

Hi, me and my friend also visiting KK on 22-26Oct.
maybe we could plan and see can go together and save on some cost.

Reply Date: 2013-09-05 15:19:43

2   Julia Female   United States

Hi! I & my parent will have relax trip at Sabah druing 22-Oct until 28-Oct. Any one interest have stay at Tawau on 22-Oct until 24-Oct. can have Semporna Proboscis Monkey & River Cruise on 23-Oct (any one interest -package A).
24-Oct until 28-Oct will be around KK city tour, have Monsopiad Cultural Village on 25-Oct & Single or 2 island hopping on 26-Oct.

Reply Date: 2013-09-05 22:58:14

3   晓林 Male   United States


Reply Date: 2013-09-06 14:07:35

4   Julia Female   United States

hi! Ling.您的行程表与我的有差。24号我们已离开飞仙本那 到亚庇 (24-Oct~28-Oct).飞仙本那-多以潜水,海鲜为主。 您可预定Dragon Inn Floating Resort as nice view or Mabul Island.

Reply Date: 2013-09-06 14:34:19

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