Bohey Dulang - Mantabuan - Sibuan Snorkeling


  • Bohey Dulang: Hiking for the panoramic view
  • Mantabuan: Smallest island
  • Sibuan: Shaped like a warship


Return boat transfer, Jetty fee, Entrance fee, Hiking fee, Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, life jacket), Snorkeling guide, Lunch


"What? Hiking? Who climbs a mountain on an island? I'm sure they must have jumped right in once they saw the ocean!"
"But it's Bohey Dulang! How can you see the spectacular coral reefs and bays if you don't climb the mountain?"
"How spectacular can it be?"
"A panoramic view of Tun Sakaran Marine Park!"

Welcome to the hiking and snorkelling tour!

I'm certain there's no need for us to elaborate further; you've likely already heard about the allure of the islands of Semporna. That being said, I'll just briefly mention a few highlights about the island you're about to visit. It's up to you to explore the breathtaking sights firsthand awaiting you on this journey, both underwater and in the mountains!

As you gaze out from Semporna town towards Tun Sakaran Marine Park (TSMP), the largest marine park in Sabah, boasting 8 islands, you'll notice it resembles a reclining figure, affectionately dubbed "The Sleeping Old Man" by locals. This adventure will guide you to three of the islands that belong to the "old man".

First stop - Bohey Dulang for hiking!
       The name derives from "bohi" (bohey), meaning water, and "dulang," meaning pools in the Bajau language (The Bajau, also known as the Sea Gypsy, is a nomadic ethnic group indigenous to the Southeast Asian region). This island boasts a striking contrast between the crystalline, mint-glass-coloured shallows and the deep blue sea. The water near the shore exhibits transparency, while the colour gradually deepens as one moves farther into the ocean depths: shifting from light green to emerald green, and then transitioning gradually to a deep, azure blue...The panoramic view of Tun Sakaran Marine Park from the mountaintop is both stunning and captivating. As the only island in TSMP's archipelago accessible for climbing, it truly radiates a unique charm.

       But why Bohey Dulang also known as the "Pearl Island"? It's because the first pearl cultivation center in Malaysia was established here (now abandoned), highlighting its significance akin to a precious pearl in the world.
       Ascending to the summit, which is 700 meters up and 600 meters down, typically takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The journey unfolds amidst pristine and untouched scenery, with paths primarily composed of stone, sand, or tree roots, occasionally marked by staircases. Upon reaching the summit, you will be left with only one thought: it's utterly worth it!

Next up - Mantabuan Island and Sibuan Island for snorkelling!
       Even before reaching the islands, you'll be captivated by the unblemished blue waters surrounding you. Upon arrival, the crystal-clear waters off the coast will leave you in awe. These are the islands that you admired from the mountain in Bohey Dulang earlier in the day; now, you'll have the chance to experience them firsthand and revel in the excitement up close.
       During the snorkelling excursion, the group will embark on a boat journey. Semporna's coral reefs teem with diverse ecosystems, offering glimpses of colourful tropical fish, butterfly fish, tentacle fish, and more. With luck, encounters with green and hawksbill turtles may occur, either feeding or resting near the coral reefs.
       Although Mantabuan Island is relatively petite, its pristine natural environment, abundant marine life, and serene ambiance render it a standout in the marine park. Meanwhile, Sibuan Island boasts a lengthy stretch of white sandy beach. Walking to its end offers a unique experience to each individual - a sense of contentment or perhaps contemplation as you gaze out over the vast ocean. Come, feel the allure of the soft sand for yourself!

How could anyone miss the opportunity to experience the enchantment of mountains and sea in a single day?  Let's embark on this adventure with your overflowing energy now!

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