Looking for someone to travel with in Sabah? Let's beat the price here, find female companion, rent a car, share room, grab more discount!

Desire Date Title Convener
2012-09-05 沙巴~馬穆迪島、沙比島 已有4人^^ Him Male
2012-08-04 T2=>T1Transfer+Back Victor GOH Male
2012-10-16 2012年10月红树林&美人鱼岛同游 蔡小鼠 Female
2012-07-26 美人鱼岛浮潜,已有2人 Haitao Male
2012-10-09 巴达士河激流泛舟 May Yam Female
2012-07-29 AK6318凌晨6點10分的飛機 Willy Male
2012-07-24 東姑阿都拉曼、螢火蟲和長鼻猴 Willy Male
2012-08-09 同游仙本那 跑跑 Female
2012-08-06 结伴同游美人鱼岛 跑跑 Female
2012-08-09 美人鱼岛浮潜征同游组团 George Male
2012-10-05 5~6/10 有人join團嗎? 暫2人 May Yam Female
2012-08-11 凑团,8月5-23号之间,已有5成人 Joanna Female
2012-08-08 8月5-23号在亚庇(已有5成人) Joanna Female
2012-08-01 美人魚島體驗深潛 joey lin Female
2012-07-03 湊團(已有2人) Peggy Female
2012-07-28 早班飞机,需要凌晨出发 Haitao Male
2012-07-02 湊團 Vicki Female
2012-10-04 沙巴游,征同伴 梁利娟 Female
2012-07-07 寻找旅伴去沙巴 王恺 Male
2012-06-26 一起去美人魚島體驗深潛 頌賢 Female

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