Looking for someone to travel with in Sabah? Let's beat the price here, find female companion, rent a car, share room, grab more discount!

Desire Date Title Convener
2018-12-12 想找女伴 Alan Male
2018-06-12 solo traveller Kaye Female
2018-03-22 Companion Needed Barth Male
2018-04-10 學潛水 liaoshunlin Male
2018-04-03 湊團 rana Female
2018-01-01 PADAS漂流 yanbin Male
2017-12-13 WHO WANT TO JOIN? SIA MEE MEE Female
2017-11-30 Who wan to join? Raymond Male
2017-12-31 徵求一起併團 Gina Hsiao Female
2017-10-13 拼團 CHU/WAI TING Female
2017-10-14 拼團 CHU WAI TING Female
2017-09-16 湊團 陳小姐 Female
2017-09-27 學潛水 Tom Wong Male
2017-08-26 湊團 陳怡燕 Female
2017-08-24 湊團 陳怡燕 Female
2017-08-23 湊團 陳怡燕 Female
2017-04-26 螢火蟲探索 或 蘭瑙鎮滑翔傘 Eddie Wong Male
2017-04-22 找幾個背包客一起去玩 Chong Female
2017-04-28 凑团 Aileen wong Female
2017-04-28 凑团 Aileen wong Female

Total Post: 475