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Desire Date Title Convener
2016-01-02 國慶湊團浮潛 Amily Female
2015-11-03 5小時悠閒釣魚之旅 Chan Male
2015-10-08 環灘島或美人魚島找團友湊團 Ginger Female
2015-10-07 機場到市區 Alison Female
2015-10-03 大家來揪團省錢囉 doodle Female
2015-10-05 一起省錢巴!! lily Female
2015-09-16 还要多2个人一起参加,一起玩。 May Yong Female
2015-09-19 9/19~9/29尋找夥伴遊沙巴 sam hu Male
2015-08-21 Bohey Dulang - 2 pax Camille Samson Female
2015-08-29 8/29迪加島+浪漫夕陽+螢火蟲一日遊 楊政霖 Male
2015-10-03 迪加島+浪漫夕陽+螢火蟲共舞一日遊 Jay Male
2015-10-05 大家一起省錢湊團 lily Female
2015-07-11 Fishing Tour jack cheng Male
2015-06-28 6/28 5:30am市區Gaya街 Flora Female
2015-06-25 Mengalum Island 浮潛1日 flora Female
2015-10-10 有要一起的一起省錢! Alison Female
2015-06-08 美人魚島浮潛 Yonnie Female
2015-05-30 Need 3 more pax Freddy Chan Male
2015-05-19 徴車子share油費16/5-20/5 Rita Female
2015-09-29 求2人同行 ng yuen man Female

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