Looking for someone to travel with in Sabah? Let's beat the price here, find female companion, rent a car, share room, grab more discount!

Desire Date Title Convener
2017-02-28 找旅伴 五天四夜 Kwok Female
2017-01-02 Need a travel mate! Sabina Male
2016-12-27 Need 1 more person Jessie Yang Female
2016-12-12 Solo adventure Hartyny Kayry Female
2016-11-19 美人魚+螢火蟲(我有4人) 鄭文秀 Female
2017-01-15 2017.1.15,海龟岛求拼团 张琳 Female
2016-11-07 尋找想玩飛行傘的夥伴 Phyllis Female
2016-10-27 Solo traveler Tracey Female
2016-10-24 Snokerling 或 潜水 的伙伴 Jim Male
2016-10-24 Solo Traveller ~ Jim Tan Male
2016-10-10 {有照}10/10 號徵求一起深潛的好夥 JANET Female
2016-10-03 請求優惠號碼~感謝 JANET Female
2016-10-12 迪加島一日遊~ JANET Female
2016-09-21 請求優惠號碼~感謝 fanny Female
2016-08-28 如果你也剛好在沙巴… Ruby Female
2016-09-03 趕快來湊團 Iris Female
2016-08-23 8/22-25 號徵求一起深潛的好夥伴 邦邦 Male
2016-09-28 湊團出遊 Eric Male
2016-06-09 徵求團友 Mr Hsieh Male
2016-05-13 Horse Riding and Fir Mr/Mrs Tsui Male

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